Veteran Poetry Challenge: 22 a Day, Suicide Awareness Month

There are on average 22 veteran suicides a day.

By the time you finish eating dinner another man, woman, father, sister, friend will be gone…

To the Wall

Back to the wall

cornered by

wars brutal mental movie projector

playing it’s unceasing reel

behind my eyes,

I know I am alone,

this is where it ends.

Hope comes through a voice on the line

“I know where your at,

I’ve been there myself,

We’ll get you some help.”


If your a veteran or family member and you think you may be in trouble:

Reach out

Veteran’s Crisis Line   1-800-273-8255, press 1, confidential 24/7 crisis line that links vets to help at the VA Hospitals and Clinics

Vets4Warriors    1-855-838-8255, confidential 24/7 peer assisted support provided by other veterans

If your a friend or family member and you know someone in trouble:

Reach out

Be the one who says and keeps saying,

“We can get you some help”


About Frances Wiedenhoeft

After a lifetime in nursing, anesthesia and the Army I now write, blog, attend school for journalism and massage, and watch my 3 grandchildren. I am a veteran of Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan and try to serve other vets such as myself, and to work for peace.
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