#takemetoo: DACA, Donald Trump and Arbitrary Borders

The New York Times today, January 10,2018, reports that Federal Immigration officials raided 98 7-Eleven stores in 17 states. The raids resulted in 21 arrests.

There are so many factors worthy of consideration here:

  • 98 stores, multiple agents per store, planning, transportation, and for all of the taxpayer dollars that went into this operation do they report that the 21 in custody are hardened criminals ready to rape, pillage and murder. There is no mention of this, instead, the article reports that this sweep was part of a general crackdown and meant to “send a strong message.”
  • How do they select who to ask to prove citizenship? Anyone who is brown? “Looks Mexican?” Kind of like the Jews in Nazi-occupied countries who couldn’t help “looking Jewish?
  • What if they came for you? Do you keep iron-clad evidence of your citizenship on you at all times? What would even be enough?
  • DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, a plan that came into existence by Executive Order by President Obama. The children- some now adults in college- are allowed to stay by filing requests to have deportation deferred.
  • DACA immigrants must be working or in school to renew their permits and can’t have committed crimes
  • Most have never known any other home, many have served in the U.S Military, for some English is their first and primary language.
  • The program is set to end, which means that for the children and families of the “Dreamers” life will be torn apart.
  • Think about it- is there anyone you know who could suddenly vanish. What would you do if they did?

What Donald Trump either doesn’t know or isn’t telling you about “illegal immigration.”

  • North and Central American had healthy trade routes and migration patterns for the Indigenous people throughout history.
  • Many of the people migrating across the Mexican American border are indigenous, most have indigenous roots.
  • The Mexican American border is an arbitrary creation established during a colonization process of North and Central America by Europeans. Following the Mexican American War which ended in 1848 with the Treaty of Guadalupe, the current border was created.
  • Indigenous people are following similar migration patterns that they have, although maybe for slightly different reasons, throughout their histories.
  • Migration following seasons, foods, trade is normal and natural. Forcing indigenous people to be constrained by arbitrary borders halts migration and forces “illegal immigration” causing an unnecessary drain on the U.S. taxpayer pocketbook for border patrol, immigration agents, and mounds of paperwork and bureaucracy.

As Indigenous people or people with Indigenous roots, most of the migrants across the Mexican border have more right to be here than most of us who are not Indigenous.

Concerning this immigration crackdown targeted specifically at those coming from Mexico or Central America I say:


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After a lifetime in nursing, anesthesia and the Army I now write, blog, attend school for journalism and massage, and watch my 3 grandchildren. I am a veteran of Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan and try to serve other vets such as myself, and to work for peace.
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