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Drinking Manure: Groundwater, Manure and Public Safety, NR 151

Participants at a hearing in Green Bay Wisconsin on Friday, September 15th, which was also live-streamed to Madison, shared the numbers on how many wells in Kewaunee County are contaminated by farm runoff, mainly in the form of manure. Some, … Continue reading

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The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Security

Water is security. Without the water there will be nothing else. Water Is Life. Security

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World Water Day: A Challenge! 8 Miles for Water, Use Every Drop Like You Hauled It From the Well Yourself

WORLD WATER DAY MARCH 22, 2017 Focus on Waste Water http://www.unwater.org/campaigns/world-water-day/en/ Look familiar? How many times a day do you think you open up the tap and just let it run; to warm up the water, while you brush your … Continue reading

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