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Earth Day Saturday: 5 Simple Ways to Love Your Mother

Earth Day is Saturday, April 22 and your mother has never needed your kind affection as much as she does now. There are so many factors that effect the health of our planet that are far outside of our control; … Continue reading

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Fracking: What’s IT to You?

Fracking (hydraulic fracturing): What’s It to You? Almost everyone has heard of fracking at this point. Water, sand and certain chemicals are driven down into deep rock formations under high pressure in order to release natural gas deposits. Wastewater, high … Continue reading

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Nothing Like A Good Storm; Unless

This time close your eyes and imagine the beautiful sound of rain; the gentle tapping on the roof, the symphony of a thousand raindrops on the sidewalk or lawn, in the forrest trees, maybe even a little thunder and lightening. … Continue reading

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