The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Farmers Market Collage

We are so fortunate to live in a place with abundant summer produce sold to us directly by the farmers in their markets.

What you see quickly became grilled roasted vegetables, all except the moon lilies!



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Happy Interdependence Day!

Does the 4th of July bring out the rugged individualist in you? Are you filled with a patriotic fervor? Hell yeah! We’re independent and we’re proud! We can take care of ourselves an our own, on our own.

But think again…

Even if you are living in a survivalist camp where you grow all of your own food and stitch your own cloths ( less than 1% of u.S. population) where do your parts come from for your vehicles and tractors, or your ammunition?

Even if you used no vehicles, did all your farming with homemade tools and didn’t arm yourselves, you still depend on the rest of us to arrest global warming so that you can continue your lifestyle, and to control our population growth so we don’t overrun you.

Even if you walk to the local market where they buy their meat and produce locally…

We are all connected.




Happy Interdependence Day                                                

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To the Lifeboats

To the Lifeboats

First, 2 disclaimers:

I have never been on a sinking ship


I don’t believe America is a sinking ship.

Whether or not you believe in our current seaworthiness in the vast international ocean the real question is who are you if the boat goes down.

Magazines and whole books have been devoted to this subject. There are sinking ship group activities to help people understand where they are morally and ethically and where they want to be.

Do you:

throw others out of the lifeboat to make sure you are saved, or try to sneak on to secure your own life?

stand and wait to be told when it will be your turn and take your place when directed?


actively help and direct a terrified crowd to make sure those more vulnerable than yourself will have a seat first?

In reality we would all like to be the noble one, and we are all a mixed bag, mostly striving for our better selves.

There are a lot of vulnerable people in America; children, the elderly, immigrants, the list goes on.

It’s now obvious we have a segment of the population that believes our ship is sinking and they should get theirs before it’s too late.

The question for the rest of us is

Who will you be if the boat goes down?

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