Happiness in a still life meditation.

For today’s happiness poetry we have guest poet Lauren Meyers who’s poem First Light has the quiet and intimate beauty of a still life. No photo this time, the poem paints it’s own picture.

First Light

The inevitable smell of dawn at the harbor

Low-tide and diesel fuel

Hits me like a stiff drink

The air pungent with anticipation

I can hardly contain myself


Approaching the dock

The small fishing vessels are lined up like soldiers waiting to receive their orders.

Tethered to their slips

Shoulder to shoulder

They bump one another disturbing the greasy motor fuel

That finds its way to the waters’ surface

Swirling around paisley


The fisherman begin to arrive

Big, burly hands clutch Styrofoam coffee cups and balance them on the gunwale.

The boats are readied.

Like coffins, lobster traps are stacked high and secured

Trawling nets folded just right

To open like a sail when thrust out into the sea

Ice for the days catch is buried below

And what there is to eat for lunch is scattered about


As the navigation radios chirp out knots and nautical miles

The boats pull out of their posts -single file past the no wake signs bouy

Gasoline and engine noise overwhelm the gulls calls

They approach the grandeur of open water through the narrow bay

It is stunning to behold

Lauren Meyers

May 2016

About Frances Wiedenhoeft

After a lifetime in nursing, anesthesia and the Army I now write, blog, attend school for journalism and massage, and watch my 3 grandchildren. I am a veteran of Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan and try to serve other vets such as myself, and to work for peace.
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