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BPA Free Baby Bottles: It’s Already Too Late

Got your new baby or your toddler all set up with BPA free bottles and a well-stocked fridge with all those BPA free disposable plastic water bottles? Too late, a study by the non-profit Environmental Working Group sampled random newborn … Continue reading

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The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Transformation Liquid to Solid

Nothing says winter is licking at your toes as much as the first ice formation on the lake. The was this constant almost music like a million ice crystal colliding and the loudest static electricity you have heard. It was … Continue reading

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Drinking Manure: Groundwater, Manure and Public Safety, NR 151

Participants at a hearing in Green Bay Wisconsin on Friday, September 15th, which was also live-streamed to Madison, shared the numbers on how many wells in Kewaunee County are contaminated by farm runoff, mainly in the form of manure. Some, … Continue reading

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