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The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Structure, Infinite Swirls of a Turtles Shell

From a distance the turtle’s shell is a solid green as you get closer and closer you can make out all of the intricate patterns and swirls that structure the shell. A little like people, more than first meets the … Continue reading

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Church Is All Locked Up; Where Should the Sinners Go?

Actually it’s a little prayer depository. At the very back of a large wooded churchyard, along a somewhat busy road, the church set up a box for people to deposit people or situations that the depositor would like the church … Continue reading

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A Grateful Nation: What Would Take?

A Grateful Nation Standing at the top of a high hill in central Wisconsin, taking in the beauty of our forested state over the many sculptures and monuments that flow across the Highground Veteran’s Memorial Park, I could feel the … Continue reading

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