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Take… a deep…Breath

Take… a deep … Breath Every year dozens of articles come out in popular magazines about the stress of midwinter holidays, Christmas and New Years in particular. Whole books are devoted to the subject. They recommend you should decrease outrageous … Continue reading

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Fracking: What’s IT to You?

Fracking (hydraulic fracturing): What’s It to You? Almost everyone has heard of fracking at this point. Water, sand and certain chemicals are driven down into deep rock formations under high pressure in order to release natural gas deposits. Wastewater, high … Continue reading

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7 Day Veteran Poetry Challenge: Day 1, Haiku, Spinning Out

We left the combat zone sick to revulsion with war and returned to look out into a world where nothing made sense anymore. The problem is that we each think we are the only one and it’s killing us; 22 … Continue reading

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