All Our Water

All Our Water

Water is life. How many times have you heard this phrase? Does it carry any meaning? Are there any vivid mental images that appear in your head?
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Test yourself. Fill a glass with tap water, assuming you don’t already know it’s too contaminated for human consumption. Taste it, not a tiny sip but a mouthful, like you would take if you were finishing brushing your teeth. Do you taste chlorination, a vague taste similar to how sewage smells, or nothing at all? Have you ever tasted anything different, maybe the earthy taste of well water or ground water from an iron rich system? Maybe you already know or believe your water system is too contaminated to drink and have switched to bottles or filtered water.
Recent events in Flint, Michigan and a few other places in the U.S. have shown a spotlight on what is only the tip of a huge water iceberg. A nationwide study surveying drinking water quality in thousands of U.S. communities found only a handful they could comment on in a positive light. Wisconsin battles a new bill, AB 554. The bill allows for an increase in water and sewer privatization which many Wisconsinites fear will leave them in a circumstance similar to Flint.
But wait, before your eyes glaze over with the helplessness and hopelessness of a society blanketed by so much bad news, there are things that you can do.
First: Educate yourself. Good places to start:

Or come back to my blog where I will try to give you summaries on the most critical points and courses of action that can empower you in some small way to know that-

This Is Your World

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