9 Days of Happiness

IMG_3272So much of what I write, both poetry and narrative nonfiction, deals with what is tragic, painful, desparate and seemingly hopeless in the world to the point anyone reading what I write would think I’m a deeply unhappy person.

I am now, and have almost always been, a very happy person who acknowledges the joy in my life every day.

To prove it I challenged myself to write a poem about all the happy and joyful times in my life every day for 9 days, the Jewish number of special blessing.

I’m writing one every day so they may not be the most polished poems I ever wrote, but hopefully I pass a little of my good feeling on to you.

Day #1

Old Photo

Pikes Peak, August 1996

Whisps of hair tickle then whip

across my cheeks

with the breezes and gusts

of altitude.

Heavy shoulders

and a small gentle pat to the back of my neck

remind me grandson is snug in his baby backpack.

He peaks around my head with a small smile for the camera.

Weightless heart

certain I can see all the way to God from here.

My view from on top of the world.



About Frances Wiedenhoeft

After a lifetime in nursing, anesthesia and the Army I now write, blog, attend school for journalism and massage, and watch my 3 grandchildren. I am a veteran of Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan and try to serve other vets such as myself, and to work for peace.
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