7 Days of Fast Water Facts: CAFO Farms and You

CAFO ( Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations)

  • As of 2014 Wisconsin had over 200 CAFO dairy farms
  • Farms have 1,000 to 5,000 dairy cattle in each farm
  • Animals are kept inside their barns their entire life
  • They are fed enriched feed
  • They are fed antibiotics to fight the illnesses common from overcrowding and over milking
  • Their manure is high in phosphorus and excess antibiotics
  • There is no way to dispose of that much manure
  • The high phosphorus, high bacteria content, antibiotic laced manure is stored in giant lagoons
  • The lagoons leak into watershed, streams, lakes and down into our groundwater, into the places in the earth where we pull previously clean water out through wells
  • We are either poisoned or we have no water
  • Some Wisconsin communities have already run out of safe water
  • If we don’t stop the trend it will be all of uscafo-and-liquid-manure-spraying-are-killing-wisconsin-waters
  • Are We Doomed?
  • NO, definitely not
  • Your choices matter
  • Save your water: Buy milk from small local farms, many available in grocery stores
  • Sassy Cow in southern Wisconsin
  • Ask your grocery if they can help you find the milk from small dairies
  • Call up the number on the milk cartons, find out how many cattle the farmer has, and whether they get out to graze.
  • BUY local small dairy milk and save your water
  • Save your water, save your lives
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