What Do We Do When the Coral Dies?

Have you seen the coral? Or heard the gentle tinkling sound they make as they sway in the ocean currents? I have and I would save the reefs just on that alone. I was in awe that I had only experienced at the Grand Canyon. 

  • The Great Barrier Reef is the size of Italy or Japan.
  • You can see it from space.

  • Hundreds of species of sea creatures make their homes there and hatch their babies, species that later give jobs to and help feed millions of humans.

  • With the reef in place coastlines are saved from damaging storms and high waves that take human lives and ravage properties.

The coral is dying. Every time the ocean temperature heats up even a fraction of a degree the effect is magnified inside the reef. The coral turns white and large swatches are pushed to the point of no return. Even when the ocean cools again the coral is gone. Pollution also does it’s part.

Does it matter? Will it even effect our lives if we don’t live along a coastline and make a living from the sea?

Do we do anything other than a short moment of silence? 

The thing is the coral is our canary in the mine. The coral dies, it’s only a matter of time…

What do we do?

  • Why drive when you can walk, bike or bus?

  • Use less of everything, less heat, less air conditioning, less prepackaged food, less water.

  • Plant trees

  • Support conservation organizations and stay up to date on important changes to laws.

  • Teach the next generation, and they will teach the next.

  • Save the reef, save the planet, save ourselves.

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World Water Day: A Challenge! 8 Miles for Water, Use Every Drop Like You Hauled It From the Well Yourself


Focus on Waste Water


Look familiar? How many times a day do you think you open up the tap and just let it run; to warm up the water, while you brush your teeth, rinse a dish, or clear the sink?

Don’t worry, your in good company.

On average an American household runs through:

400 gallons of water per day,

Here’s how it breaks down,

Over a gallon to flush a toilet,

2.5 gallons per minute for your morning shower,

Most bathroom faucets run at 2 gallons a minute as well, 3 minutes brushing your teeth with the water running, 6 gallons,

Here is the challenge:

At least 800 million people on the planet are walking miles every day to haul water from the nearest source (contaminated or clean.)

Then they carry the full, heavy, containers back ( How far can you carry 70 pounds, 8 3/4 gallons.)

For 1 whole day,

Go to your basement utility sink, or outside hose and

Fill a large pail or camping size water jug

Carry it to your kitchen and use it 

for hand washing dishes (no dishwasher)

taking a sponge bath

take a glass out for every glass of water you drink or cook with (don’t worry, I don’t expect you to drink out of the pail for this, not meant to make you sick)

for everything you use water for take that amount from the pail (except flushing the toilet)

when the pail is empty go to your water source and carry another pail back.

It’s an exercise, you know for you this is not your life and never will be.

But, hopefully you will take away a new appreciation for your water,

and use every drop like you hauled it from the well yourself.



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The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Atop The Colors

Why do we fly the flag? To remind ourselves of who we our? To give others an impression, a symbol for who we are and what we stand for? Proof of our love and devotion to country? Is it a reflex? A habit?


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